Invoice Finance services

We are committed to taking the hard work out of finding the right Invoice Finance provider for you. We think we offer the best level of service on the Internet – but we would say that wouldn’t we.

Our Invoice Finance providers are chosen by:

  • Their ability to lend to all companies, and not just cherry-pick
  • Their level of customer services
  • Their understanding of different types of business
  • How happy current customers are with them.

We have a panel of carefully selected lenders that we monitor through the customers we pass to them.  If the feedback we get back from our clients is that they are not getting the service they have a right to expect, then we will drop the lender from our panel until they have put things right.

Constant Client Care.

You are important to us, without you we don’t exist. We will stay in touch through questionnaires for as long as you need a factoring solution.  

Quite simply we expect each of our clients to be looked after – if they aren’t, then we will stop dealing with a lender until they change their approach.

Take the next step today and discover how much money you could invest back into your business through Invoice Finance.